Personnel policy

Personnel policy of JSC “VNIKTI”

Personnel policy is a set of goals and principles that determine the direction and content of work with personnel. Through personnel policy, the goals and objectives of human resource management of any enterprise and organization are implemented.

Our personnel is our wealth!

The main wealth of our institute is its people, without whom not a single most advanced locomotive will reach the highway. The personnel of an innovative enterprise, which, of course, is JSC VNIKTI, are, first of all, active participants in the process of creating and mastering new technology.

The complexity of the personnel structure is due to the peculiarities of innovation tasks, as well as the specifics of scientific and scientific-technical work. The components of this
structure are scientific and engineering personnel, management personnel, pilot production workers, support and maintenance personnel with their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Personnel policy, helping to achieve the goals of JSC VNIKTI, must solve the following most important tasks:

  • effectively use the qualification potential of each employee;
  • provide the organization with the necessary and motivated employees;
  • create conditions for staff to be most fully satisfied with their work, in which they can achieve maximum self-expression;
  • stimulate and support the desire of each employee to maintain a comfortable moral climate in the team;
  • support employees’ desire to achieve the common benefit of both the team and the institution as a whole.